Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Week, Gone?

Hi Friends! It's been a while since I have written, and I apologize for that. It has been pretty busy here. Quite a bit has happened since the last post. 

Last Thursday, we had our first sports day for our time that we are here. Each week, they have a sports day on Thursday. Week by week the games vary. For example, last week we were assigned teams for basketball and volleyball. Both of which you all know I'm a star at...haha just kidding friends. I hope you know me better than that! This week we are playing soccer and frisbee! Another two sports that I love. Ok, so maybe sports is not my strongest point, but that's ok! Here in Japan it is not so much of an individualistic culture as in the US. It is very much an emphasis on the group or team. As long as everybody is trying and is having fun, then the team is happy. 

Thursday night we had our first Joy Katsu. Which is a time spent together in the guys house, "Joy House." This event also varies week by week. They incorporate games that are Japanese and American, times of discussion, and other events. Last week this involved so many different Japanese snacks...all of which tasted like soy sauce at the end. The best was dried squids. Well, maybe not. The best was either the chocolate or some variety of rice crackers. 

Friday was a refreshing day of time spent with Jesus. This was a time to be able to catch up on rest and really to enjoy being in His presence. This is a little intimidating for me to go into mostly because I am not used to having so much time to fully devote at once to something like this. But at the end of the day, it was good.

As you can tell, each day is full. We are making new friends, and experiencing so much new culture every second that we are here. It can be exhausting, but I'm loving it. As we go into another week, I ask that you continue to pray for our team, and pray for me. 

1) Even as we are loving our time here, it can be easy to get discouraged. Everything is definitely more difficult when you don't speak the language. 
2) As things do tend to vary week by week, thiss is difficult for me. I am usually one to look for a rhythm to fall into and stick with. It's easy for me to feel lost or dissatisfied with how things are going.
3) Please pray for our  team to continue to grow together as one unit in Christ. It is so easy to use sarcasm  amongst each other, as Americans often do. However, this is very easily lost in translation, and can appear to be snide remarks. We are all here with one purpose, please pray that we continue to trust Him to be able to show that. 
4) My final request for this post is maybe a little more shallow. I injured my knee at our first sports day and can't participate for a while. Please pray for quick healing and patience while it heals. 

Thank you all for your continued support! It means so much to be able to know that I have friends and family supporting me. 

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